Latest Game Additions Revealed for Dead by Daylight and Castlevania in Store this Year

Information regarding Project T updates and a preview of the gameplay trailer for The Casting of Frank Stone has been distributed universally.

May 15, 2024 - 00:35
May 15, 2024 - 07:30
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Latest Game Additions Revealed for Dead by Daylight and Castlevania in Store this Year
Latest Game Additions Revealed for Dead by Daylight and Castlevania in Store this Year

Dead by Daylight decided to entertain their fan base with a series of new updates. Users are also provided with sets of stories in Dungeons & Dragons and Castlevania later in the same year drug this along with 2 Vs 8 anothers mode for which they were waiting to be released for a long time.

Other news was announced by them where What the Fog, The Casting of Frank Stone, and the unnamed session PvE action-horror shooter codenamed Project T are to be updated/update. 

Firstly, speaking of the Dungeons and Dragons chapter, it is the up-and-coming major expansion in Dead by Daylight. It aims to become the venue for The Lich, i.e. Vecna, the famous guy of the game. The Other Sidedale Bard, as he’s rightly named, B.B. - A star  published by BLP/Starlight, will be your - potential Survivor.

A new one is Forgotten Ruins, so there will be a hidden room to explore. In this blood-curdling atmosphere, players will also be able to pick offer lots of basic D&D practices such as what their character wears, having talents from the DMG, and the use of the dice.
You can try the new Killer, Survivors and gameplay features now in PTB, which is accessible today.

Then Castlevania, released later in the year, Cloud of the Dead that haunts the city becomes very scary and haunting. No other information is available about a new Chapter.

Dead by Daylight received further updates today, namely 2v8 Mode. This is the 2v8 Mode where two Killers confront eight Survivors on a much larger map, thus making it more intense.

This includes changes to the game modes such as the Perks converted to the class system and Cages instead of the Hooks. Further details on 2v8 Mode will be disclosed in one of the next year’s live broadcasts in July.

In this present time, what we have is a thrilling surprise!. One of the latest released games is a brilliant new project known as What the Fog at present. This brand new co-op roguelite that allows you to play Demogorgon, Dwight, or one of the other survivors is scheduled to come out in the next week.

The game is up and available for purchase. The first two million purchases can also get a copy of it free of charge by registering the game or signing up for a Behaviour Account and completing the steps on the website. Otherwise, it can be acquired through Steam at the price of $4.99.

This is the latest report also provided news by livening up its secret gentle PvE action-horror shooter. This not-titled game has passed the planning phase but it needs a little bit before the game starts to develop, nevertheless, the company prepares for the beta period in which the players will be included in the development process.

The post-launch Insider Program in the game's system will afford loyal fans the opportunity to have access to exclusive news, participate in testing, as well as to voice their ideas and feedback on the game in a qualitative manner.

Today's posed the park has revealed the new trailer for an indie production called The Casting of Frank Stone, a remarkable inclusion that discloses one of the western world's terrible labyrinths of fear and terror.

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