Monopoly Go: How To Get And Send Gold Stickers

Monopoly GO! offers more than just dice rolling; it immerses players in a world of exciting collectibles. These items play a crucial role in the game, providing generous rewards as players gather various treasures.

Stickers: The Heart of Monopoly GO! Collectibles


Stickers are the primary collectible in Monopoly GO! However, collecting these stickers is not straightforward; it involves intriguing rules that make the process engaging. Players are encouraged to fill sticker albums, adding excitement with the introduction of unique sticker rarities.

The Rarity and Thrill of Gold Stickers


Gold stickers are the crown jewels of Monopoly GO! collectibles, known for their rarity. Trading these coveted items is complex, adding to their allure. Finding gold stickers is thrilling, as they appear in the same sticker packs as regular ones but are much rarer.

How To Get Gold Stickers In Monopoly GO?

Players can acquire sticker packs through various in-game activities, enhancing their gaming experience. These activities include:

Quick Wins

Quick Wins are fast-paced, short-term challenges in Monopoly GO! They provide quick rewards for completing simple tasks or achieving certain objectives within the game. Perfect for players with limited time, Quick Wins offer a steady stream of sticker packs, increasing the chances of obtaining rare collectibles.

Daily Treats


Daily Treats are an easy way for players to earn rewards. By logging into Monopoly GO! each day, players can claim these check-in rewards. This feature encourages consistent engagement and provides regular opportunities to collect sticker packs. Over time, these daily rewards can lead to substantial gains in your collection, including the possibility of gold stickers.

Tournaments and Other Limited-Time Events


Tournaments and limited-time events are major draws in Monopoly GO!, offering a competitive platform for players to showcase their skills. Participating in these events not only provides the thrill of competition but also the chance to earn exclusive rewards, including sticker packs. These events often feature unique challenges, offering diverse gameplay experiences and opportunities to win special collectibles not available through regular gameplay.

Partner Events

Partner events are collaborations between Monopoly GO! and other entities, such as brands or franchises. These events come with themed activities and exclusive rewards. Participating in partner events can be incredibly rewarding, often offering unique sticker packs that include rare items like gold stickers. These events add extra excitement to the game, introducing new elements or special content available for a limited time.

NOTE: There are special packs guaranteed to contain a gold sticker, but these are exceptionally rare.

How to Send Gold Stickers to Friends

Monopoly GO! places certain restrictions on the gifting of gold stickers. Players cannot freely send these precious items, even if they have multiple copies. The exchange of gold stickers is limited to the Golden Blitz event, adding a layer of strategy.

Golden Blitz: The Key to Gold Sticker Trading


During the Golden Blitz event, players can send or request specific pairs of gold stickers. The event dictates which stickers can be traded, allowing players to send only those gold stickers that are part of the Golden Blitz.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sending Gold Stickers

The process for sending stickers to friends is straightforward:

  1. Accessing the Album: Tap on the album icon beside the GO button at the screen’s bottom.
  2. Choosing the Sticker: Select the collection containing the gold sticker. During Golden Blitz, the relevant sticker will have a shimmering animation.
  3. Selecting the Sticker: Tap on the duplicate gold sticker you wish to send.
  4. Sending the Sticker: A detailed view of the sticker will appear, with a “Send to Friend” option. Choose a friend, continue, and confirm the action by tapping “Send.”

By following these steps, players can successfully share their collection, enhancing the communal joy of the game.

In summary, the collectible mechanics in Monopoly GO! offer a blend of challenge and reward, keeping players deeply engaged in the pursuit of rare items and the satisfaction of completing their collections.


Q1: How can I get gold stickers in Monopoly GO!?

A1: Gold stickers can be obtained from sticker packs earned through various in-game activities such as Quick Wins, Daily Treats, Tournaments, limited-time events, and partner events. Special packs guaranteed to contain a gold sticker are also available, though they are exceptionally rare.  

Q2: What are Quick Wins in Monopoly GO!?

A2: Quick Wins are fast-paced challenges designed to provide quick rewards for completing simple tasks or objectives. These challenges offer a steady stream of sticker packs, increasing your chances of obtaining rare collectibles, including gold stickers.  

Q3: Can I trade gold stickers with friends in Monopoly GO!?

A3: Yes, but there are restrictions. Gold stickers can only be traded during the Golden Blitz event, which dictates which stickers can be exchanged. This adds a strategic element to trading gold stickers.  

Q4: What are Daily Treats in Monopoly GO!?

A4: Daily Treats are rewards given to players for logging into Monopoly GO! each day. These check-in rewards include sticker packs, which can help you collect various stickers over time, including the chance to get gold stickers.  

Q5: What is the Golden Blitz event in Monopoly GO!?

A5: The Golden Blitz event allows players to trade specific pairs of gold stickers. During this event, players can send or request gold stickers as dictated by the event rules, making it a key opportunity for trading these rare items.

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