Estimates: PS5 Console Shipments Dwarf Xbox Series X/S by almost 5 Times in Recent Quarter

In its most recent financial briefing, Sony Interactive Entertainment disclosed sales figures for the PS5. Despite not reaching the company's ambitious targets and projections indicating a downward trend, industry analysts suggest that the console may have surpassed the Xbox Series X/S in sales during the previous business quarter.

May 15, 2024 - 06:46
May 15, 2024 - 07:27
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Estimates: PS5 Console Shipments Dwarf Xbox Series X/S by almost 5 Times in Recent Quarter
Estimates: PS5 Console Shipments Dwarf Xbox Series X/S by almost 5 Times in Recent Quarter

Yesterday, Sony Interactive Entertainment's CEO Jim Ryan in a financial call said that PlayStation 5 which is a part of their new financial report has outperformed others in terms of sales.

He stated  The sales of Play Station 5 did not meet the initial target and are expected to continue falling, as mentioned in the earnings report provided by Sony. According to the information given by a professional player in the industry, the console prevailed over its counterpart which is the Xbox Series X/S in the last business quarter.

The data on game sales were provided by various sources, namely, by industry sales monitor Niko Partners where Mr. Ahmad, head of research and insights, tweeted from Sony's earnings call as part of his list of highlights: "The PlayStation 5 shipped 4.5 million units in the last quarter. According to our estimates, this is almost 5x more than the Xbox Series X|S shipped in the same period."

For more context, Ahmad also said in his message that the PlayStation 5 has infact sold 59.2 million units up to this point in its life with Q1 2024 - the time frame being cited and during which these said estimates are valid for. This, of course, indicates that the Q1 2024 is equal to the three months between January 1 and March 31, 2024, he appernded.

Another thing that we must take account of is that Microsoft doesn’t report exact Xbox Series X/S machines those consoles have, so the details presented here are only assumptions based on the data given by the trusted analyst, but they do not constitute an official declaration of the same sort as the figures for the PS5 are.

In its most recent earnings publication - released in late April - Microsoft said that Xbox overal gaming revenue had increased by the end of the year following the aquisition of Activision Blizzard King, yet that the Xbox console sales for the quarter ended on March 31 this year had decreased by 31% against the previous year.

It is also worth mentioning that the lifteime sales of PS5 are a little down"behind those of PS4 60 milloin in the same partculra period", a phenomenon that says a lot as to why Sony didn't go any joyous about the numbers of hardware in that earnings call.

As Ahmad put it: "In simple terms, as far as the health status, the console hardware is there, but Sony is not able to make sweeter deals than the previous gen."

Competitors outselling Xbox on the console front is nothing new, either. After Phil Spencer hadmade the- Phil 2019 comment in the end of 2021 Phil Spencer also added speakinga language that "founding generation will have worse sales than the Xbox One" still, the company is not in the business of out-consoling Sony or out-consoling Nintendo.

Arguably, two Sony veterans with considerable experience have to act as replacements for Jim Ryan, formerly CEO of Sony so that they take care of the separate sectors of the company for the long term.

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