Helldivers 2: The Surprising Journey to Becoming a Live-Service Title

Discover the unexpected twists and turns in Helldivers 2's development that led to it becoming a beloved live-service game.

May 12, 2024 - 11:59
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Helldivers 2: The Surprising Journey to Becoming a Live-Service Title

Helldivers 2 is the favorite live-service game among fans, but with some obstacles to its development.

Neglecting the recent PSN issue, Helldivers 2 leads the poll as the most sought-after live-service game for many, despite the game's original lack of a live service mode. The paraphrased text carries the same message regarding the popularity of Helldivers 2 as a live-service video game among the people who were there at the moment of its release. The rewording brings to light the subtle and interesting way of presenting a video game originally designed for only one consumer group or one -group of consumers- who were little affected by the stated change of purpose as it is quite clear that this game managed to attract as much attention as it did in a very short time. The text is aimed at an informed readership; thus, the use of more professional lexis makes it more engaging and interactive.

Nevertheless, despite the knowledge that some players voiced their frustration for having to link their PSN accounts with their PC version of Helldivers 2, the game remains popular among the vast majority of gamers. The random occurrence of the game at the top of the list has established it as one of the most popular games of the year, which despite all odds took a very successful position. What's more, both early projects of the series were not structed by developers as live-service products.

Silent in an interview with Inverse, the former head writer of the game, Russ Nickel, explained that the integration of the Helldivers 2 live service mechanisms reflect the core characteristics of a live service system most fully. The team at Arrowhead Game Studios was skeptical of turning the continuation into a live service but eventually opted for the idea as a result of numerous discussions. Importantly, the studio postulated a captivating live service feature to further contribute to the dynamic narrative element by asking where the story goes next in a constantly evolving game world that provides graphic realism to its narrative certainly to the extent that it makes it a more exciting game.

Notwithstanding the fact that the game was primarily blueprints and whiteboxes during the development phase, the decision was finalized at the point around the middle of the way. According to Nickel, the game would have been a typical second person shooter and the team would let it up to the cloud to write the rest of the story. It was only with Nickel's arrival that the game was already structured to be enjoyable, each additional time meant that it was one step closer to the finalizing of the game, and not every extra untold story was added into the game. Hence, the subsequent phase of development was mostly devoted to adding in the plot elements and the revision of the envisaged prototype.

Undoubtedly, the decision of introducing the change appears to have brought considerable benefits to Arrowhead, making them a strong contender for a few awards this year. The coming conundrum is the determination of an ideal way for achieving genuine freedom... 

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