Jurassic World: A New Gaming Adventure in Development by Frontier

Get ready to return to the age of dinosaurs! Frontier Developments is working on a brand new Jurassic World game, promising an exciting adventure for fans of the iconic franchise.

May 12, 2024 - 22:51
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Jurassic World: A New Gaming Adventure in Development by Frontier
Jurassic World: A New Gaming Adventure in Development by Frontier

The company that brought us the successful Jurassic World Evolution park management simulations is now attempting to create a new video game that would take place in the Jurassic World milieu.

Among its countless masterpieces such as management simulation games, Planet Zoo, and the Jurassic Evolution series, the company still adds more to their list. The company's talent in crafting entertaining and educational management simulation games is best encapsulated through examples such as Planet Zoo and the Evolution series of Jurassic World. Hence, it is amazing to see how Frontier Developments plans on growing the Jurassic World franchise, that will be changed thanks to the effort of all the dinosaur fans around the world. 

Release Date for the Upcoming Jurassic World Game?

The upcoming game release window for Frontier Developments Jurassic World is assumed to be starting from June 1, 2025, to May 31, 2026. Moreover, there is a speculation running that the game might coincide with the worldwide release of the new Jurassic World movie set to come on July 2, 2025. If this happens, the time that the fans would have to wait is reduced. However, despite this assumption that the launch date is near, a complete convincing argument has not yet been given.

It is important to emphasize that the anticipated game is meant to be the third part of the Jurassic World. It must be explicitly stated that the game will not have the title Jurassic World Evolution 3 but it could be regarded as the second part of the series. Despite the prospect of a continuation of the series, Frontier Developments may decide to make a game of a different type within the franchise. Fans will have to wait for a while so as to see which way the game will take.

Jurassic World Evolution 2, Image Credit – Frontier Developments

Frontier Developments Plan

A per the reveal of a Frontier Development management partnership with Universal, a strategic initiative for creating a yearly creative simulation was scheduled for the next three fiscal years. Moreover, the outline of a fresh creative management simulation is given which will be based on the ideas of the company and its launch date is chosen for the coming financial year 2025. With the way that research and responses provided about the Jurassic World Evolution series so far, it is correct to go into the world of more parts like that in the rooster.

During the announcement sequence, the executive director of the Frontier Development company mentioned a plan for a new Jurassic World game which showed how Bechara the company gets in partnership with Universal products and experiences as a result of their game success story. Additionally, there was an implication that more information about what they are up to for the game would soon come.

This is a summary of the latest events taking place during the making of the new Jurassic World Game at Frontier Developments. If you would like to get to know such other suchlike details, do explore our Guide Hub.

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