Square Enix's American and European departments to be hit by layoffs

Square Enix's US and Europe operations will lay off some of its employees. This decision comes prominently after the company revealed ending several unannounced games earlier today.

May 14, 2024 - 00:51
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Square Enix's American and European departments to be hit by layoffs
Square Enix's American and European departments to be hit by layoffs

This comes after the company expressed the hope to cancel games that have not yet been officially announced this day because of which the game publisher is expected to give some updates.

Other than the news about the Infinity Ward layoffs the other week, the game publisher has made a decision that is likely to stir up hot talks and debates among Square Enix's personnel. As of now, the company is Square Enix and such measures have been announced that Square Enix will be cutting down their workforce in both their European and the American departments. However, Square Enix has yet to give their official announcement.

RehumanizeThis is reported by VGC first and comes not too long ago when Square officially announced the fact they had poor financial results compared to last years. thanks particularly to cancellation acts directed at unannounced video games. It has been done with a new longer-term company strategic plan- dubbed "Square Enix Reboots and Awakens" but which has led to a 70% profit deficit, compared to a 100% gain by this period last year.

The nature of the latter video games, although hidden and unknown to the public still seems to have been part of a wave of lay-offs at Square Enix as the previous information had come as a clear sign of the impending downfall of the company. The employees were informed of the decision to the employees in a company-wide town hall meeting, where the president Takashi Kiryu disclosed that in this month the number of staff would be reduced by sending them home who are in departments like publishing, IT, and Square Enix's Collective indie game section while the exact numbers have not been stated by Square Enix authorities. The exact number of layoffs has not been confirmed.

RehumanizeThe leader of Square Enix, Takashi Kiryu, has shown a lot of flexibility in the company. It was only with the new year that in a new year's letter to users of the Square Enix service, he pointed out that the company will be taking a "aggressive" approach to AI. AI has already been tried in Foamstars. We indeed witness an AI model of minor importance. And the fact that Square Enix has yet to make the theme of AI reportage a subject of that game.

Further to this, quite a time had not been passed after Square Enix managed to get rid of their Western studios and IP that now became the property of Embracer Group. Embracer's layoff spree is understandable in this context. Several of those studios have given life to very well-liked and respected games like Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, which were sold then by the company to Embracer. After the deal was completed, however, the group of these studios found themselves facing Embracer's staff cuts. Among them, it was really quite a blow for Eidos Montreal, as 100 of their employees were laid off and a Deus Ex game is now cancelled.

It seems like nothing good will ever occur every time it is mentioned that there is a problem with the layoffs or termination of the company. In the game developer world, what with all the recent lay-offs, one can't help but be curious about which talent will withstand the storm until new openings appear and which ones we might, sadly enough, have to bid farewell to.

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