Marvel Rivals: Explore the Exciting Lineup of Superheroes in the Full Roster

Get ready to take control of your favorite superheroes in Marvel Rivals! Find out everything you need to know about the full roster of characters and their unique abilities.

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Marvel Rivals: Explore the Exciting Lineup of Superheroes in the Full Roster
Marvel Rivals: Explore the Exciting Lineup of Superheroes in the Full Roster

Rephrase Marvel Rivals introduces a diverse array of Marvel characters in the Netease and Marvel Games' latest 6-vs-6 shooter game. Despite pre-release speculations, the officially confirmed roster is now disclosed.

As the launch date of Marvel Rivals approaches, players will face an expanded starting roster due to the game's seasonal model. Have you decided on your character for Marvel Rivals once this multiplayer game is released?

List of Officially Confirmed Marvel Rivals Characters

Current Lineup of Marvel Rivals Characters Revealed:


Peter Quill impresses his adversaries in combat by showcasing his distinctive confidence. His firearms discharge powerful blasts, while his agile maneuvers soar through the air with unmatched flair. Star-Lord's legendary status is well-deserved due to such remarkable displays of skill.


Hela, known as the Goddess of Death, holds unparalleled dominion over the departed spirits situated in Hel. Through a chilling murmur and an assembly of crows, the sovereign of the netherworld elegantly harvests the souls of her adversaries devoid of any compassion.


Namor's lethal trident empowers him to manipulate water directly, enabling him to strategically maneuver enemies into exposed positions, primed for allies to capitalize on by leveraging their abilities and inflicting damage.


Loki demonstrates a remarkable skill in employing deceit and cunning tactics to his benefit, transforming himself into his adversaries to imitate their capabilities – a fitting portrayal of the mischievous Norse deity that he is.


The sword wielded by Magik appears quite powerful, and she has the ability to transform into a more potent form to enhance her offensive capabilities. Illyana Rasputin, a skilled sorceress, might possess the prowess to utilize spells that can thwart her adversaries.


Groot possesses entwined roots that exhibit a capacity to immobilize adversaries effectively. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he exhibits the ability to selflessly protect his companions through self-sacrifice, showcasing regeneration—a mechanic that Marvel Rivals will likely integrate intriguingly.

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon's incendiary arms result in explosions and scorching effects on rival factions, regardless of their scale. Speculation arises regarding his repertoire of additional instruments. One might ponder: Do Raccoons don attires with sleeves?

Luna Snow

Luna Snow has the capability to utilize her ice powers to immobilize opponents and her adept skating skills to navigate through challenging circumstances. Furthermore, she possesses the ability to manipulate sound to her benefit, although the specifics of how this is accomplished remain unverified.

Black Panther

Black Panther, or T’Challa, demonstrates remarkable agility when utilizing his advanced suit to swiftly assess and counter threats on the battlefield. His expertise lies in close combat engagements, leveraging his claw attacks to excel in such scenarios.

Iron Man

Iron Man's utilization of repulsor blasts enables him to access strategic positions inaccessible to many of his counterparts, granting him a tactical edge in combat scenarios. Further exploration is needed to ascertain the full extent of advantages his suit confers, with anticipated enhancements in agility and offensive capabilities.


In Marvel Rivals, The Hulk embodies a character similar to D.Va, offering the flexibility to transform back into Bruce Banner or unleash his strength as a formidable force, obliterating foes with colossal and overwhelming punches.


Within the realm of Marvel Rivals, Spider-Man stands out as a highly familiar superhero characterized by exceptional agility. This attribute allows him to swiftly navigate the battlefield, swiftly attaining strategic advantages. Additionally, Spider-Man can employ his webs to restrict the mobility of adversaries.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange exhibits the ability to cast spells and employ his cloak for aerial navigation. As a former neurosurgeon, he has honed his expertise in mystical arts, leveraging them strategically during combat engagements.


Magneto, in his capacity as the head of the Mutant Brotherhood, will cleverly manipulate magnetism to gain an upper hand in combat scenarios. It is anticipated that he will have the ability to call upon and hurl large metallic structures from the surrounding landscape, causing confusion and inflicting significant harm.


Mantis enters the realm as an additional formidable ally drawn from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Utilizing her control over emotions, she adeptly inflicts harm upon foes while also shielding her companions, complemented by her expertise in lethal combat techniques.

Peni Parker

Peni Parker has been added to the Spiderverse lineup. Created by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way, she pilots a telepathically-controlled mech suit called SP//dr which enables her to engage enemies aggressively while also boosting her durability.

All the characters currently included in Marvel Rivals have been identified. Additional characters are anticipated to be introduced either through the season pass or as optional downloadable content upon the game's launch. For those keen on exploring more team-oriented shooting games, consider referring to our Apex Legends and Overwatch 2 tier lists for recommendations on which characters to engage in battle with meanwhile.

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