Monopoly GO: All Memorial Marathon Rewards and Milestones

The Monopoly GO Memorial Marathon is a limited-time event occurring on May 27th, lasting for 24 hours. Participants can earn points and achieve various milestones throughout the event, unlocking valuable in-game rewards like Cash, Sticker Packs, and extra Dice rolls.

Engaging in such events is crucial for staying competitive and boosting your in-game wealth quickly. This article will detail the rewards and milestones of the latest ‘Memorial Marathon’ Monopoly GO event, including tips on maximizing point accumulation.

Rewards and Achievements at Monopoly GO Memorial Marathon

Similar to the structure of previous Monopoly GO events, the ‘Memorial Marathon’ event comprises 25 tiers of milestones, each offering its own set of rewards. Players must earn points through various in-game activities to progress through these tiers.

The event provides a maximum of 4,220 free Dice rolls, along with additional prizes such as Special Events, Sticker Packs, or monetary rewards. Refer to the comprehensive list below for a detailed outline of rewards and milestones featured in the latest ‘Memorial Marathon’ event of Monopoly GO.

Milestone Points Memorial Marathon Rewards
1 55 40 Dice
2 40 Sticker Pack (1-star x2)
3 90 70 Dice
4 130 High Roller 5 minutes
5 110 80 Dice
6 150 Cash
7 200 Sticker Pack (2-stars x3)
8 250 Mega Heist 15 minutes
9 225 Sticker Pack (3-stars x3)
10 275 175 Dice
11 300 Cash
12 400 Sticker Pack (4-stars x4)
13 375 250 Dice
14 425 Cash
15 500 Rent Frenzy 20 minutes
16 600 375 Dice
17 550 Sticker Pack (4-stars x4)
18 700 Cash
19 800 500 Dice
20 1,000 Cash
21 900 Cash
22 1,300 750 Dice
23 1,500 Cash Grab 15 minutes
24 1,800 Cash
25 2,000 1,200 Dice

Strategies for Earning Points in the Memorial Marathon Monopoly GO

To optimize your score in the upcoming ‘Memorial Marathon’ event, it is essential to follow specific strategies. To boost your points during the event, focus on enhancing your Dice multiplier and aim to land on Railroad tiles.

This strategy will trigger either the Shutdown or Bank Heist mini-games, resulting in a substantial point increase due to the amplified multiplier.

An alternative method to earn rewards in the Speedster Tournament involves participating in additional daily and weekly events that offer prizes.

Utilizing free Dice rolls to achieve milestones in these events allows for extended game time beyond simply rolling more numbers in the tournament, resulting in increased scores.

This compilation encompasses the latest rewards and accomplishments attainable throughout the “Memorial Marathon” event in Monopoly GO. We trust that the insights shared here have facilitated your progress towards new milestones, enabling you to secure additional prizes.

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Q1: What is the Memorial Marathon event in Monopoly GO?

A1: The Memorial Marathon event in Monopoly GO is a special limited-time event where players participate in various marathon-themed tasks and challenges. By reaching specific milestones, players can earn exclusive rewards and bonuses.  

Q2: How can I participate in the Memorial Marathon event in Monopoly GO?

A2: To participate in the Memorial Marathon event, log into Monopoly GO during the event period. Navigate to the event section to find the tasks and challenges you need to complete to progress and earn rewards.  

Q3: What types of rewards can I earn in the Memorial Marathon event?

A3: Rewards in the Memorial Marathon event may include in-game currency, property upgrades, exclusive items, themed tokens, limited edition game pieces, and special bonuses that enhance your gameplay experience.  

Q4: Are there any strategies for completing Memorial Marathon milestones more quickly?

A4: Yes, to complete milestones more quickly in the Memorial Marathon event, focus on efficiently completing tasks, participating in daily missions, and utilizing any event-specific boosts or bonuses. Collaborating with friends can also help accelerate your progress.  

Q5: How are milestones structured in the Memorial Marathon event in Monopoly GO?

A5: Milestones in the Memorial Marathon event are structured as specific tasks or achievements that players need to complete. Each milestone reached unlocks rewards, with higher milestones offering more valuable rewards.  

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