Monopoly GO Sunken Treasures: Rlease Date, Rewards & Milestones

Scopely frequently organizes events and tournaments in Monopoly GO Sunken Treasures to enhance the gaming experience, with special partner events like Peg-E Prize Pool and Treasure Hunting occurring monthly. The ‘Robo Partners’ mini-game is ending shortly, while ‘Sunken Treasures’ will soon commence.

The focus of the current scenario centers on delving underwater into the themed experience of “Sunken Treasures,” requiring assistance to aid Sofia in locating her missing artifacts concealed in the ocean depths.

Progressing through the event’s diverse phases allows participants to acquire a range of rewards such as Dice Rolls, Cash rewards, Sticker Packs, and the exclusive Ship’s Wheel Shield skin, alongside other prizes. Thus, this article addresses both the incentives and milestones associated with the most recent Treasure Hunting mini-game, “Sunken Treasures.”

Monopoly GO’s Sunken Treasures Unveiled: Launch Date, Incentives & Achievements

The release date for ‘Sunken Treasures’ is set for May 21st, 2024. Players will have the opportunity to access a selection of rewards based on their performance in past mini-games where they had to achieve specific rank milestones.

Through participation in the mini-game and excavation of various items in each level, players can obtain these rewards upon reaching their respective milestones, adding excitement to what might have initially seemed like a mundane event.

The Treasure Hunting mini-game comprises 16 tiers, making it relatively more accessible to obtain the Wild Card compared to regular challenges. Apart from the Wild Card, participants can also receive rewards such as Cash, Sticker packs, a fresh shield skin, a novel board token, numerous complimentary Dice Rolls, and the sought-after Wild Card.

Below is a comprehensive rundown of the rewards and achievements available in the latest ‘Sunken Treasures’ mini-game within Monopoly GO!

Milestone   ‘Sunken Treasures’ Rewards
1 50 Dice Rolls
2 Cash
3 100 Dice Rolls
4 Cash + Sticker Pack (2-star x3) + 5 Pickaxe Tokens
5 200 Dice Rolls
6 Cash
7 150 Dice Rolls
8 Cash + Sticker Pack (3-star x3) + Ship’s Wheel Shield skin
9 200 Dice Rolls
10 800 Dice Rolls + Sticker Pack (4-stars x4)
11 Cash
12 400 Dice Rolls
13 15 Pickaxe Tokens + baby Octopus board piece
14 300 Dice Rolls
15 Cash
16 Cash + 2,000 Dice Rolls + Wild Sticker

These encompass the full array of benefits obtainable upon achieving and finishing the ultimate milestone.

Mastering the Art of Acquiring Pickaxe Tokens in Monopoly GO

In order to effectively progress through the stages of ‘Sunken Treasures’, obtaining Pickaxe tokens is crucial. Various uncomplicated approaches exist for acquiring them.

  1. Attain Your Quick Win Goals Successfully. Explanation: The paraphrased text maintains a formal tone suitable for
  2. Keep an eye out for Pickaxe tokens that are part of the complimentary items you receive.
  3. Engage in daily competitions and activities to acquire complimentary tokens.

The most effective strategy entails implementing all mentioned techniques to accumulate a substantial number of Pickaxe tokens. This approach proves highly beneficial before engaging in the excavation mini-game.

Instead of repetitively opening it and trying to reveal the items individually after receiving every 10 new Pickaxe tokens, it is recommended to follow this method.

The conclusion of our Monopoly GO Treasure Hunt event guide ‘Sunken Treasures’ has been reached. Thus far, we have obtained a substantial amount of Wild Cards as prizes for each event, significantly assisting us in album completion.

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Q1: What is the Sunken Treasures event in Monopoly GO?

A1: The Sunken Treasures event in Monopoly GO is a limited-time event where players complete underwater-themed tasks and challenges. By reaching specific milestones, players can earn exclusive rewards and bonuses.  

Q2: How can I participate in the Sunken Treasures event in Monopoly GO?

A2: To participate in the Sunken Treasures event, log into Monopoly GO during the event period. Navigate to the event section to find the tasks and challenges you need to complete to progress and earn rewards.  

Q3: What types of rewards can I earn in the Sunken Treasures event?

A3: Rewards in the Sunken Treasures event may include in-game currency, property upgrades, exclusive items, themed tokens, limited edition game pieces, and special bonuses that enhance your gameplay experience.  

Q4: Are there any strategies for completing Sunken Treasures milestones more quickly?

A4: Yes, to complete milestones more quickly in the Sunken Treasures event, focus on efficiently completing tasks, participating in daily missions, and utilizing any event-specific boosts or bonuses. Collaborating with friends can also help accelerate your progress.  

Q5: How are milestones structured in the Sunken Treasures event in Monopoly GO?

A5: Milestones in the Sunken Treasures event are structured as specific tasks or achievements that players need to complete. Each milestone reached unlocks rewards, with higher milestones offering more valuable rewards.  

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