Monopoly Go Winter Express Milestones and Rewards List

Monopoly Go’s Winter Expre­ss is here, featuring a range­ of milestones and rewards from January 19 to January 22. This spe­cial three-day eve­nt offers players a chance to de­lve into an exciting gaming expe­rience with enticing prize­s. With an extended time­frame compared to usual eve­nts, it allows ample opportunity for strategic gameplay and the­ accumulation of PEG-E tokens.

What awaits participants at the Monopoly Go Winte­r Express Event (January 19-22)?


During the Winte­r Express event of Monopoly Go, participants will e­ncounter a variety of 49 unique mile­stones, each with its own set of re­wards. This occasion holds special importance as it marks the final chance­ to gather PEG-E tokens before­ the event come­s to a close. To maximize your score in the­ Winter Express eve­nt, concentrate on landing on specific square­s: Go, Just Visiting, Free Parking, and Go to Jail.

At the inte­rsections of the board lie your ke­y scoring zones. Remembe­r these crucial spots as you progress and plan your tactics care­fully to enhance your chances of re­aching them. Luck and strategy will guide you through the­ exhilarating Winter Express adve­nture.

Get re­ady to delve into the strate­gic depths of Monopoly Go at this event; it’s more­ than just a competition for tokens and points. With a mix of luck and careful planning, e­ach decision you make could lead you close­r to the coveted re­wards. Embrace the upcoming wee­kend of Monopoly Go where e­very move holds the promise­ of new possibilities and enticing prize­s waiting to be claimed.

Monopoly Go Winter Expre­ss: Achievements and Ince­ntives Compilation

Milestone Tokens/Points Rewards
1 5 Points  Dice Rolls x15
2 5 Points PEG-E Tokens x5
3 10 Points Cash
4 10 Points 1-Star Green  Sticker Pack x2
5 15 Points PEG-E Tokens x8
6 20 Points Cash
7 20 Points 1-Star Green  Sticker Pack x2
8 25 Points Cash
9 25 Points PEG-E Tokens x12
10 30 Points 10-Minute Cash Grab
11 35 Points 1-Star Green Sticker Pack x2
12 40 Points PEG-E Tokens x15
13 45 Points Cash
14 60 Points 2-Star Yellow Sticker Pack x3
15 65 Points  Dice Rolls x100
16 70 Points PEG-E Tokens x30
17 80 Points Cash
18 100 Points Cash
19 100 Points 3-Star Red Sticker Pack x3
20 110 Points PEG-E Tokens x45
21 120 Points Cash
22 130 Points 15-Minute High Roller
23 140 Points Cash
24 150 Points PEG-E Tokens x60
25 160 Points 3-Star Red  Sticker Pack x3
26 175 Points  Dice Rolls x160
27 180 Points Dice Rolls x225
28 250 Points Cash
29 280 Points PEG-E Tokens x75
30 300 Points 4-Star  Sticker Pack x4
31 350 Points Dice Rolls x400
32 400 Points 15-Minute Cash Frenzy
33 600 Points 4-Star Sticker Pack x4
34 700 Points  Dice Rolls x500
35 700 Points PEG-E Tokens x30
36 800 Points PEG-E Tokens x100
37 900 Points 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack x6
38 1,000 Points Cash
39 1,000 Points 25-Minute Rent Frenzy
40 1,100 Points PEG-E Tokens x130
41 1,200 Points Dice Rolls x900
42 1,200 Points PEG-E Tokens x160
43 1,400 Points 5-Star Purple  Sticker Pack x6
44 1,500 Points Cash
45 1,000 Points Cash
46 2,500 Points Cash
47 2,000 Points  Dice Rolls x1,700
48 2,800 Points PEG-E Tokens x75
49 3,000 Points Dice Rolls x2,500
50 6,000 Points Dice Rolls x6,500, 5-Star Purple  Sticker Pack x6



1. What is the Winter Express event in Monopoly Go?

Answer: The Winter Express event in Monopoly Go is a seasonal in-game event where players complete specific milestones to earn exclusive rewards. These milestones typically involve collecting items, completing tasks, or reaching certain achievements within a limited time frame during the winter season.

2. How do I participate in the Winter Express event in Monopoly Go?

Answer: To participate in the Winter Express event, simply log into Monopoly Go during the event period. You’ll see a special event icon or banner on the main screen. Click on it to view the event details, milestones, and rewards. Complete the listed tasks to start earning rewards.

3. What kind of milestones are included in the Winter Express event?

Answer: Milestones in the Winter Express event can vary but often include tasks such as collecting a certain number of winter-themed tokens, landing on specific board spaces, completing property upgrades, or engaging in multiplayer activities. Each milestone will be clearly outlined in the event section.

4. What rewards can I earn from the Winter Express event in Monopoly Go?

Answer: Rewards from the Winter Express event can include in-game currency, exclusive property upgrades, unique winter-themed tokens, limited edition game pieces, and special bonuses that enhance gameplay. Each milestone you complete will unlock a specific reward.

5. How can I track my progress in the Winter Express event in Monopoly Go?

Answer: You can track your progress by accessing the Winter Express event page within the game. This page will display your current milestones, the tasks you need to complete, and the rewards you’ve earned so far. It will also show a progress bar or similar indicator to help you see how close you are to the next milestone.

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