Roblox Music Codes – Best Song IDs (June 2024)

Roblox gives a special sandbox feel not found in other games through its customizable elements. Some Roblox games have default music built in, but it may not always fit what you want to listen to. This is where the awesome 2024 Roblox song codes come in handy– they allow users to take control of their soundtracks. Therefore, get your headphones ready because we are about to blow this joint with some sick tunes!

Best Roblox Music Codes (June 2024)

Here is a list of all the best or trending IDs for songs that you might want to listen to such as Raining Tacos by Parry Gripp or Boom Clap by Charlie XCX.

  1. Playboi Carti – They Tryna Be Cray: 6917155909
  2. Squid Game – Squid Game Main Theme: 7535587224
  3. Parry Gripp – Raining Tacos: 142376088
  4. Rihanna – SOS: 6901063458
  5. The Golden Hour: 1837994704
  6. Boom Clap – CharlieXCX: 189739789
  7. Stronger – Kanye West: 136209425
  8. Claude Debussy – Claire De Lune: 1838457617
  9. Whatcha Say – Jason Derulo: 168208965
  10. Stadium Rave – Spongebob Squarepants: 1846368080
  11. Tokyo Drift: 1837015626
  12. Let’s Get It Started: 138134680
  13. Phonk Vol. 1 – Bell Pepper: 14145626111
  14. Catch My Drift: 14145627857
  15. Antifreeze: 14145627144
  16. Back & The Front: 14145627474
  17. High Speed Lane: 14145618642
  18. The Final Phonk: 14145620056
  19. No Lights: 14145623221
  20. Emotional Damage: 14145621151
  21. Tokyo’s revenge: 6772846771
  22. Halloween Funk: 1841274964
  23. Halloween music: 1841602851
  24. Phonk4: 6841685130
  25. Black and Yellow: 139235100
  26. Red Heaven: 5088415726
  27. Juice WRLD – Legends: 6845637094
  28. Life Goes On!: 7608899217
  29. Feels: 8879155640
  30. Gangster Paradise: 6070263388
  31. Faceoff – The Rock: 7795812961
  32. Stay – Kid Laroi ft. Justin Bieber: 9062549544
  33. Toxic: 1842652230
  34. SAD – X: 7707736242
  35. Moskau: 135055100
  36. Xo tour Lif3: 7823128741
  37. Tokyo Machine – Play: 5410085763
  38. The Rolling Stones – Paint It, Black: 6828176320
  39. Koven – All for Nothing: 7024143472
  40. Chicken Nugget Dreamland: 9245561450
  41. Drake – God’s Plan: 1665926924
  42. Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger: 291895335
  43. Christopher Michael Walters – Everything: 1837014514
  44. One Piece: 1838028562
  45. Changing World (A): 1842471943
  46. Deep And Dirty: 1836785943
  47. Knuckle: 1842727209
  48. Portrait of You: 7023435987
  49. Cyber Music: 6911766512
  50. Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal: 4883181281
  51. Bensley: 5410082273
  52. Face Off: 7795812961
  53. Happy Music: 1848239370
  54. Light It: 1840006854
  55. I Want You To Be My Man: 1839707917
  56. Lovely Day: 1839481371
  57. Hallelujah: 1846627271
  58. Labor of Love: 1843541645
  59. Pushing Forward: 1843528841
  60. Higher & Higher: 1837256919
  61. Squid Game RLGL: 7535587224
  62. Busybody: 1839986001
  63. Danyka: 7024233823
  64. I See Colors: 7023720291
  65. Lil Mosey: 10460286916

Funny Dialogues And Meme Roblox Music Codes

Not everyone wants popular hits playing while they play games on Roblox; some just enjoy messing around – so if this sounds like more up your alley we have also provided funny meme songs as well as dialogue clip codes too!

  1. Michael Jackson Hee Hee: 3048623108
  2. OOF: 3060494212
  3. Fart: 3068648094
  4. sad violin: 135308045
  5. roger that (Counter-Strike): 135308704
  6. THIS IS SPARTA: 130781067
  7. Godzilla Roar: 130783046
  9. Bonk!: 130944130
  10. I’m Batman: 130769318
  11. Money, Money, Money: 1000123073
  12. Pokérap: 152381839
  13. Rush B: 474303247
  14. Mine Turtle: 138112414
  15. F**K Everything: 306294645
  16. Scary Ambience: 2893921424
  17. Gunshot: 130770091
  18. Pew: 2578125671
  19. Kid Rages In Minecraft: 2618158728
  20. FBI Open Up: 2276169441
  21. JoeyDaPlayer – You Have No Life: 1282209285
  22. Minions – Bee Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo: 130844390
  23. Everybody Do The Flop: 130778839
  24. I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up: 130768088
  25. That’s My Purse: 130760834
  26. Elevator Music: 9119119619
  27. Run. Now. What. How.: 5978550333
  28. Can You Hear Me: 4769589095
  29. Better Call Saul Theme: 9106904975
  30. I’m in My Mom’s Car: 170041353
  31. Whatcha Say: 168208965
  32. Windows XP Theme: 1626996526
  33. We Got to Have Money: 130763583
  34. Loud Ooooh: 4551648646
  35. Nightmare Music: 6991661856

How To Use Roblox Music Codes

First off, before you can use any of the Roblox song ID’s that we just listed above, make sure that you own a Boombox. However keep in mind that in order gain access to different Boomboxes some servers might require game pass fees but don’t worry because most won’t and at worst case scenario there will always be one available for free testing purposes only! To equip it follow these steps:

  1. Open Roblox and launch Catalog Heaven.
  2. Click the Catalog button at the top center and use the search bar to find the Boombox (Golden Super Fly Boombox).
  3. Press the “1” key or tap the Boombox to equip it.
  4. Tap on the Boombox your character is holding.
  5. Enter the Roblox music code in the popup.
  6. Click the “Play” button.

Make certain that you are equipped with a Boombox in order to use Song IDs. Roblox music codes can only be played with this item. In Brookhaven RP and other Roblox games which support music, you may still listen to it there. Moreover, while building different things either alone or with friends at Minecraft’s sandbox mode, you might want to relax while listening to some cool sounds.

Did you find any new hits among popular Roblox tracks recently? If so then let us know about them too! Share your ID codes down below for everyone else who reads this post and wants more tunes on their playlist.

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Roblox Music Codes FAQs

What are Roblox music codes (Song IDs)?

Roblox music codes, also known as Song IDs, are unique numerical codes that players can use to play specific songs within the game. By entering these codes into a Boombox or compatible in-game item, you can customize your gaming experience with your favorite tunes.

How do I find Roblox music codes?

Roblox music codes can be found on various websites, forums, and social media platforms where players share their favorite codes. Additionally, you can find music codes on the Roblox Developer Forum and through the Roblox Catalog by searching for songs and their corresponding IDs.

How do I use Roblox music codes?

To use Roblox music codes, follow these steps:
Equip a Boombox or any compatible music-playing gear in the game.
Click on the Boombox your character is holding.
Enter the music code in the text box that appears.
Press the ‘Play’ button to start the music.

Do I need to purchase a Boombox to use Roblox music codes?

In some games, you might need to purchase a Boombox or a game pass to use Roblox music codes. However, you can test music codes for free in certain games like Catalog Heaven, where you can try out the Boombox before buying one.

Can I use Roblox music codes in any game?

Not all Roblox games support the use of music codes. The ability to use music codes depends on the game’s settings and whether it includes compatible music-playing gear. Popular games like Brookhaven RP often support music codes, but it’s always best to check the game’s features first.

Why isn’t my Roblox music code working?

If your Roblox music code isn’t working, it could be due to several reasons:
The code might be entered incorrectly. Double-check for typos.
The code could be expired or no longer valid.
The game you are trying to use the code in may not support music codes or require specific gear to play music.

Can I create my own Roblox music codes?

You cannot create your own Roblox music codes directly. However, you can upload your own audio to Roblox if you have a premium account. Once uploaded, Roblox will generate a unique ID for your audio, which you can then use as a music code in compatible games.

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