Type Soul Codes (June 2024)

Type Soul is an immersive Roblox game that draws inspiration from the popular anime series Bleach. The game came out not too long after the release of the second part of the Thousand Year Blood War anime, which was perfect because it was right in the middle of the hype for the new episodes of Bleach.

Before its first anniversary arrived, Type Soul had already gone through a significant update. In its previous iteration, players were essentially dumped in Karakura Town – the hometown of Ichigo Kurosaki, the series’ lead character – and died quickly. After dying, they had the option of becoming either a Quincy, Soul Reaper or Hollow.

In the new version of Type Soul, however, you get to choose your character type right from the beginning. Soul Reapers, Quincies and Hollows each have their distinct abilities and ways of advancing that vastly change how the game is played. To help build your character, you can use several Type Soul codes. These codes will award you various freebies such as Soul Tickets or Blue Pills (which reset your build), as well as Weapons and Element Rerolls.

All Type Soul Codes Lists

Here Are All The Working Codes For Type Soul:

Type Soul Codes (Working)

  1. tweakinpostupdate – Only works in KT (NEW!)
  2. hellopiety (NEW!)
  3. abracadabra
  4. hqrsepowered
  5. arrogantecristi5k
  6. 2weekdelaywoah
  7. putthesefoolishambitionstorest
  8. imnotnamingitthat
  9. 500kdiscmemberswoo
  10. lightningshunkoaftertwoyearslol
  11. thatoneguyinvcaskedmeforthisonesoblamehim
  12. quincynerfagainleaveourracealonedude
  13. readysetboomxdgetitbecauseboomboominokwhateverheresacode
  14. 7staredwardnewgate
  15. AllAccordingToCake
  16. canyougiftmeacinmightyomega
  17. codethatsenkumadecuzhesmakingsomethingtakethisgiftbecauseitsjustasimpleupdate
  18. ineedasacredscrollindemonhuntertm
  19. petgod101
  20. code1
  21. setrohadtoguesswhatthiscodewasnamed
  22. tamaverified
  23. setroboominda
  24. senkuwascloudkageinjoedame
  25. hakudanerfafter1000years
  26. theresahiddennpcsomewhere
  27. cursedgearruinsfriendships
  28. cyberpoint
  29. brovisitedhisfriends
  30. davehashit10kwow
  31. thekiraeventparttwo
  32. thekiraevent
  33. Benihimebuff
  34. nosreppbestaustraliandeveloperinthewholeworld
  35. almightyeye
  36. breathlesspumpkle
  37. tsugokusenku
  38. somethingrandom
  39. canyouwrap
  40. mobileflashpd
  41. johnboomingg
  42. robloxban

Type Soul Codes (Expired)

  • championshipandmasteryboxes
  • rankedmidseason
  • tamaiscool
  • newcodeoldbugged
  • watermelon
  • sorryforthat
  • midtermsover
  • contentcoming
  • haveagoodday
  • slowpace
  • thehonoredone
  • triplethreat
  • apologyforlate
  • middayfixes
  • 100kfavourites
  • segundanextupdate
  • fixedoldcode
  • eumorningupdate
  • latenightupdate
  • updatecomingsoon
  • 3shikaireroll
  • 80klikes
  • newgame
  • shutdownsrry
  • 55klikes
  • tyforfollows
  • 35klikes
  • 20klikes
  • 10klikes
  • sorryforshutdown

How to Redeem Type Soul Codes

Redeeming codes in Type Soul is as simple as it gets. Follow these steps:

  1. Start up Type Soul on Roblox.
  2. Look for the row of buttons near the top left corner while you are in game.
  3. Click on the leftmost button with a gift box icon.
  4. Doing so will open up a ‘codes’ screen containing an input field.
  5. Type or paste your code into this field and hit enter!

The notification will pop up if the code works and you’ll get your rewards. If the message says ‘invalid’, the code has expired. Just so you know, Roblox game codes don’t last forever, so make sure to redeem them as soon as possible when you find one you like!

Type Soul Codes FAQs

What are Type Soul codes?

Type Soul codes are special codes provided by the game’s developers that players can redeem for various in-game rewards. These rewards typically include items like Soul Tickets, Blue Pills, Weapon Rerolls, and Element Rerolls, which can help players enhance and customize their characters.

How often are new Type Soul codes released?

New Type Soul codes are usually released during special events, game updates, or milestones such as anniversaries. It’s a good idea to follow the game’s official social media channels or join the community on platforms like Discord to stay updated on the latest codes.

Why is my Type Soul code not working?

If your Type Soul code is not working, it could be due to several reasons: the code might have expired, you may have entered it incorrectly, or it could have already been redeemed. Make sure to double-check the code for any typos and redeem it as soon as possible since codes have limited validity.

Can I use a Type Soul code more than once?

No, each Type Soul code can only be redeemed once per account. If you attempt to use the same code multiple times, it will not provide additional rewards.

Where can I find the latest Type Soul codes?

The latest Type Soul codes can typically be found on the game’s official social media pages, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Discord. Additionally, codes may be shared during special in-game events or updates, so keeping an eye on official announcements and participating in the community is a good way to stay informed.

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