Monopoly Go Aqua Partners – New Partner Event Coming Soon!

The Aqua Partners Monopoly GO event is launching soon. While the exact date is still unconfirmed, it is expected to start immediately after the Peg-E Prize Drop event, which runs from June 20th to June 23rd.

In addition to exciting rewards, the new partner event may feature the highly sought-after “Wild Sticker.” The gameplay will be similar to the previous team-up event, “Robo Partners,” with the main difference being the rewards structure.

You will need to form four teams with four different players, creating four partnerships. Completing each partnership will earn you substantial rewards, typically including free dice rolls, cash, Sticker Boom, Cash Boost, High Roller, and high-star sticker packs. Sounds fun, right?

The rewards mentioned are for completing one partnership. If you manage to complete all four partnerships with your team, you will receive four times the above rewards, with a grand prize as the cherry on top.

Although details about the grand prize are not yet available, it is speculated to include the first Wild Sticker for the new album, “Monopoly Games.”

Personally, I would strive to complete all the partnerships, as the total dice rolls could be around 10,000. Overall, this event promises to be a fun-filled experience.

If you are playing the Aqua Partners Monopoly GO event for the first time, you might wonder how to participate. Here’s a quick guide: you need to collect tokens and use them to spin the wheel. Spinning will earn you points and help fill the prize bar.

How to Get Tokens for the Aqua Partners Event

Tournaments (Leaderboard)

Participating in leaderboard tournaments is one of the most effective ways to earn tokens for the Aqua Partners event. These tournaments are competitive, and you will earn tokens by reaching various milestones within the event. The more milestones you achieve, the more tokens you accumulate. Additionally, finishing at a high rank on the leaderboard can yield extra token rewards. Make sure to stay active and aim for the top spots to maximize your token collection.

Tournaments (Solo)

Solo tournaments function similarly to leaderboard tournaments but without the competitive ranking aspect. Instead, you focus solely on reaching milestones to earn tokens. This mode is ideal for players who prefer to compete individually rather than against others. Each milestone you reach in solo tournaments grants you a set number of tokens, contributing significantly to your overall token count for the event.

Daily Quick Wins

Daily Quick Wins are simple tasks or challenges that can be completed within a short period. In Monopoly GO, these tasks are accessible from the Quick Wins section located in the bottom left corner of the lobby. Completing these tasks not only rewards you with dice rolls but also grants you valuable tokens for the Aqua Partners event. Make it a habit to check and complete these Quick Wins daily to steadily increase your token supply.

Daily Free Gifts

Every eight hours, a free gift becomes available in the upper left section of the game interface, just below your net worth upgrades. These gifts often include tokens among other rewards such as dice rolls and sometimes Sticker Packs. To claim your free gift, scroll to the right until you find it. Collecting these gifts regularly ensures a steady influx of tokens, helping you stay prepared for the event.

Special In-Game Offers

Occasionally, Monopoly GO features special in-game offers that include tokens as part of the package. These offers might be available for purchase using in-game currency or real money. Keep an eye out for these deals, especially if you’re looking to boost your token count quickly. While they may not be free, they can provide a significant advantage if you’re aiming to maximize your event participation.

Event-Related Challenges

Sometimes, the Aqua Partners event itself might include specific challenges or mini-games that reward tokens upon completion. These challenges are usually time-limited and event-specific, providing an extra incentive to stay engaged with the event activities. Pay attention to any additional tasks or challenges announced during the event to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Social Media and Community Rewards

Developers occasionally release special rewards through social media channels or community events. Follow Monopoly GO’s official social media pages and join community groups to stay updated on any announcements regarding free tokens or other rewards. Engaging with the community can sometimes lead to unexpected bonuses that enhance your gaming experience.

By utilizing these methods, you can effectively gather the tokens needed to fully participate in the Aqua Partners event and maximize your chances of earning the top rewards.

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