How to Get Free Peg-E Chips in Monopoly GO Today (June 2024): Prize Drop

The Monopoly GO: Prize Drop mini-game event has brought back Peg-E chips, coinciding with the first Prize Drop mini-event of the month. This event follows a standard format without a specific theme. Players need Peg-E chips to participate in a Monopoly GO-themed Plinko game, which offers rewards like 7800 Free Dice Rolls, Sticker Packs, Cash, and the highly coveted Wild Card.

The Wild Card is especially valuable as it allows players to unlock any card from their Sticker Album. Collecting these tokens can be challenging, but here are three effective methods to quickly secure free Peg-E chips in Monopoly GO: Prize Drop.

How to Get Free Peg-E Chips in Monopoly GO: Prize Drop

Unlike Partner events, the Peg-E Prize Drop mini-game doesn’t feature Peg-E tokens on the board for collection. Therefore, you’ll need alternative methods to obtain them. Here are three straightforward ways to earn these tokens for free:

Engage in Current Events

The most effective method to obtain free Peg-E tokens is by participating in the current solo and leaderboard events. Events like Peg-E Prize Drop are active and provide Peg-E tokens as part of their rewards. Achieving different milestones in these events can earn you Cash, Dice Rolls, and a substantial amount of Peg-E chips.

Complete Your Quick Wins

In Monopoly GO, navigate to the Quick Wins section located in the bottom left corner of the lobby. Completing these straightforward tasks will quickly earn you Peg-E chips.

Claim Your Free Gifts

Every eight hours, a free gift is available in the upper left section of the game interface, just below your net worth upgrades. Scroll to the right until you find your free gift. Inside, you’ll discover Dice Rolls, free Peg-E tokens, and occasionally a Sticker Pack.

Monopoly GO Free Peg-E Chips Links

Previously, Scopely provided links that offered free Peg-E tokens. Currently, there are no such links available. However, using the methods described above will help you accumulate Peg-E tokens quickly and get you closer to the grand prize. Should any new links become available, we will update this article, or you can refer to our article on Free Dice Rolls for more information.

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