Monopoly Go Martian Treasures : All Rewards, Milestones And Release Date

Scopely keeps improving its gaming experience through events and tournaments with new content being added almost every day. There are different partner events every month such as Treasure Hunting which is accompanied by other fun mini games like Peg-E Prize Pool. You can also find unique monthly events, Monthly events usually start with ‘Martian Treasures’ after the last one ends which in this case was Prize Drop.

‘Martian Treasures demands that you accompany Sofia in a quest to understand the treasure of Martian culture- her lost artifacts. As you proceed through the stages of this event, there are several rewards waiting for you. These include Cash, Sticker Packs, Dice Rolls Shield called Martian Runes as well as Peg-E Rover which is a board piece token among others.

This piece provides information about what players should expect from the most recent Treasure Hunting mini game known as ‘Martian Treasures’.

Monopoly GO’s ‘Martian Treasures’ – Release Date, Rewards & Milestones Lists

The release date for ‘Martian Treasures’ has been set at June 6th 2024. The game will follow a structure similar to its predecessors in terms of milestone ranks and associated rewards. Players need to participate, dig for items at each stage among other things if they want maximum benefits when aiming at different milestones during the event.

This particular treasure hunt is made up of 25 tiers where players must expend numerous Pickaxe tokens so as to acquire the Wild Sticker which stands for the jackpot reward at any given level. In addition there shall be various other prizes such as Sticker packs , Cash , new shield skins , new board tokens plus many more free dice rolls however coveted wild stickers themselves also form part of the loot that can be found within them – all these details have been provided below please refer downwards thanks!

Milestone  ‘Martian Treasures’ Rewards
150 Dice Rolls
3100 Dice Rolls
4Sticker Pack (2-star x3)
5150 Dice Rolls
65 Pickaxe Tokens + Cash
7175 Dice Rolls
8Sticker Pack (3-star x3)
9200 Dice Rolls
11Martian Runes Shield skin
12250 Dice Rolls
13Sticker Pack (4-stars x4)
1410 Pickaxe Tokens + Cash
15300 Dice Rolls
161,000 Dice Rolls + Sticker Pack (5-star x6)
18150 Dice Rolls
1917 Pickaxe Tokens + Cash + Sticker Pack (3-star x3)
20Peg-E Rover board piece token
21250 Dice Rolls
22Sticker Pack (4-stars x4)
23400 Dice Rolls
25Cash + 3,000 Dice Rolls + Wild Sticker
Listed Above Are All Martian Treasures Rewards And Milestones Event.

How to Get Pickaxe Tokens in Monopoly Go

If you want to get through ‘Martian Treasures’, you need Pickaxe Tokens. Here are a few ways to earn some:

  1. Complete Quick Wins – Complete your objectives for quick victories
  2. Free Gifts – Keep an eye out for free gifts containing pickaxe tokens
  3. Daily Tournaments And Events – Participate in daily tournaments or events that award free pickaxe tokens.

Before starting the digging mini game, it is best to follow all the ways mentioned above and obtain a large number of pickaxe tokens. Opening the mini game and revealing items each time you collect 10 new pickaxe tokens is not the most efficient method.

That’s all for now about ‘Martian Treasures’, our Monopoly Go Next Treasure Hunt! Get ready too because we are starting to see more wild stickers given out consistently with every event which helps fill up our albums. Check this article out if it helped you Find Wild Stickers in Monopoly Go or Today’s Event In Monopoly Go!

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