Monopoly Go Skyscraper Blast Off Event : Rewards, Milestones & More

Scopely introduces new solo and leaderboard events on a daily basis. Today marks the third time ‘Skyscraper Blast Off’ hits the Monopoly GO board, featuring a wide variety of rewards such as Cash, Sticker Packs, and a multitude of Dice Rolls.

RehumanizeAlso, players can unlock different in-game boosts like Cash Grab, Rent Frenzy, High Roller or Mega Heist. In addition to this, points can be earned that lead up to several milestones where participants may earn up to 3,440 Dice Rolls at the final milestone alone. This post will explore all aspects related to prizes offered during the “Skyscraper Blast Off” leaderboard event in Monopoly GO along with some useful tips and strategies for maximizing your profit.

Monopoly GO Skyscraper Blast Off Rewards and Milestones

Just like any other Monopoly GO event, individuals can gain points and achieve certain levels which will make them qualify for gifts like Sticker Packs, Cash or even more than 3,440 Dice Rolls. This event has 25 tiers and will only run for 24 hours beginning June 6 therefore points accumulated now could mean a lot in future earnings to come.

So here are all the prizes/milestones for the new “Skyscraper Blast Off” event in Monopoly GO!

MilestonePointsSkyscraper Blast Off Rewards
15540 Dice Rolls
240Sticker Pack (1-star x2)
39070 Dice Rolls
4130High Roller 5 Minutes
511080 Dice Rolls
7200Sticker Pack (2-star x3)
8250Mega Heist 15 Minutes
9225Sticker Pack (3-star x3)
10275175 Dice Rolls
12400Sticker Pack (4-star x4)
13375250 Dice Rolls
15500Rent Frenzy 20 Minutes
16600375 Dice Rolls
17550Sticker Pack (4-star x4)
19800500 Dice Rolls
221,300750 Dice Rolls
231,500Cash Grab 15 Minutes
252,0001,200 Dice Rolls
Listed Above Are Complete Milestones And Rewards For Monopoly Go Skyscraper Blast Off.

How To Get Points At Skyscraper Blast Off In Monopoly GO

The main way that people earn points during this tournament is by landing on railroad tiles. You must make shutdowns work well for you and also consider bank heist rewards because it all depends on how successful these two things are combined with each other. The more shut downs you make within one bank heist round without ending up caught equals higher multipliers which lead into bigger prizes so be sure not only have a lot but near them too especially if chance card hasn’t been drawn ‘send someone to railroad’ within last three rounds!

Thus, our discussion about Monopoly GO: ‘Skyscraper Blast Off’ event is over. You can collect a lot of free Dice Rolls by following these tips and tactics, which will help you to become the richest player in the game. If you found this guide useful, please have a look at our Latest Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO and Today’s Event Schedule .

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