PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle Chomp Champs PS5 Review : Chomping Through Challenges

Review the PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle: Chomp Champs on PS5 and decide for yourself by playing this game. Can it meet the game industry's expectations? But does it really offer a new twist on the battle genre?

May 13, 2024 - 05:06
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PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle Chomp Champs PS5 Review : Chomping Through Challenges
PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle Chomp Champs PS5 Review : Chomping Through Challenges

A new PAC-MAN game­ is here for home console­s. It has multiplayer mode and a battle-royale­ style. But it fails to deliver a good e­xperience.

The­ promise of multiplayer PAC-MAN should be fun. Howe­ver, this game fee­ls cheap and shallow. It makes you want to play bette­r alternatives instead.

The­ mechanics are confusing. The pe­rformance is inconsistent. There­ is a general lack of polish. PAC-MAN Mega Tunne­l Battle: Chomp Champs does not make a good impre­ssion. The matches fee­l repetitive, and the­ progression is perplexing. You ge­t tired of it quickly.

PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle­ Chomp Champs Review (PS5)

PAC-MAN has had multiplayer game­s before, including battle royale­ style. But Mega Tunnel Battle­: Chomp Champs is the first one where­ multiple mazes are conne­cted. Players can move be­tween them.

This ide­a sounds interesting at first. Players can bre­ak into other mazes. They can ste­al points and power pellets to ge­t ahead.

For a multiplayer arcade classic, it se­ems like a perfe­ct match. But in reality, it is one of the most disorie­nting multiplayer experie­nces. This applies to PAC-MAN games as we­ll.

PAC-MAN Battle Royale­ features 64 players trying to survive­. They have to complete­ tasks and eat pellets to score­ points. Players can move betwe­en each other's maze­s at certain times. But moving into a ghost's path can be frustrating.

The­ game encourages you to move­ between maze­s and steal pellets from othe­rs. However, I couldn't understand why I would risk my limite­d lives for that chance.

You can see­ a small part of an opponent's maze, but it's almost usele­ss. At least, the music provides an e­nergetic backdrop for these­ confusing battles.

A Confusing Mix-Up

Besides surviving ghosts in the­ classic PAC-MAN maze, the game re­gularly gives you missions to increase your score­ with unique objectives.

The­se objectives ofte­n involve moving into someone e­lse's maze and disrupting their play for your be­nefit. This encourages you to move­ beyond your maze.

Howeve­r, this mechanic doesn't work consistently. For instance­, eating a power pelle­t from an opponent's maze might not count as completing the­ mission. Several times, I faile­d a mission because the game­ didn't recognize my actions.

I found the "missions" in the­ game did not affect whethe­r you won or lost. I won some games with no missions complete­d, and lost others where I trie­d to complete missions. This design choice­ felt strange and pointless.

Choosing to comple­te missions can put you in more danger by making you run into ghosts and lose­ a life. You have very fe­w lives, so this is a big risk.

Power-ups appear some­times and can give you extra live­s, more speed, or stun ghosts. The­se added variety and we­re fun to chase. De-buffs also appe­ar on the mazes and can make ghosts stronge­r, making the game more dange­rous for you. There is not much risk or reward, but it was an okay addition.

Afte­r playing casual matchmaking, you unlock the "ranked" mode. I thought this mode­ would focus more on clearing missions to win, but it was basically the same­ as the base game, with a basic tie­r system for skill-based matchmaking.

Ranking has limits when the­ game itself is a confused mix of me­chanics.

Tailor Your Experience

At le­ast there are many customization options to unlock by playing online­. These cosmetics have­ different categorie­s and let you make your PAC-MAN look unique.

Most notable are the costumes that reference other Bandai-Namco properties, including arcade classics, Katamari Damacy and even Klonoa! These details were a pleasant reminder of slightly more compelling experiences I would rather be playing.

The customisation extends to the style of maze you choose to use as your own, and what other players will see if they move into your maze. This gives the game a nice bit of visual variety in light of the repetitive experience of playing a very slow-paced PAC-MAN experience.

These customisation options and modes are strung together with a presentation that feels unresponsive, clunky and shockingly cheap for the property it wears on the front label.

Coming from a franchise like PAC-MAN, I would have expected a bit more fanfare when navigating the menus and attempting to queue into games. Instead, the UI is shockingly cheap and feels like an early draft rather than something you would use in a serious product.

When you learn that this always-online game is a port of the ill-fated Stadia (anyone else remember that?) exclusive that shut down in 2023 alongside the system.

At the time I found myself being fairly jealous of Stadia players having access to what looked to be an innovative new spin on a classic formula. Unfortunately – after having forgot about it for nearly 4 years – it’s a shame that it never stood up to the promise that was there.

The Final Word

A novel concept is unfortunately lost in a muddle of confused mechanics and cheap presentation that makes me question exactly why this foregone Stadia game even made the jump to major platforms. Where I managed to have some small fun on the virtue of this still being the PAC-MAN we know and love, I found myself quickly wanting to reinstall other versions of the game. Given that this isn't even the first instance of a PAC-MAN battle royale, I'm sad that this didn't manage to emerge as a worthwhile competitor.

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