Monopoly Go Wheel Boost Schedule (July 2024)

Wheel Boost in Monopoly GO is a brief event that grants an extra spin on the Color Wheel each time you complete a color set on Hotel tiles, offering a chance for additional rewards. While it occurs daily, the timing varies without a fixed schedule.

Typical Schedule and Start Times for Wheel Boost in Monopoly GO

Although Wheel Boost in Monopoly GO lacks a fixed schedule, it typically runs for 20 to 45 minutes daily, starting when you log into the game during its regular three-hour availability window. Refer to today’s events schedule to determine the start time for today’s Wheel Boost. Historically, it often occurs during the following six time windows:

  • 2am to 4:59am CT
  • 5am to 7:59am CT
  • 8am to 10:59am CT
  • 2pm to 4:59pm CT
  • 5pm to 7:59pm CT
  • 8pm to 10:59pm CT

For players unable to check the game every three hours, consult the flash events schedule for today to pinpoint the exact start time of the next Wheel Boost. Our schedule is updated daily with the latest flash event timings.

Understanding Wheel Boost in Monopoly GO

Wheel Boost is a daily event that allows you to spin the Color Wheel twice instead of once when you land on a glowing Hotel tile. This event significantly increases your chances of obtaining free dice and extra Sticker Packs from the Color Wheel. Maximizing this opportunity means potentially winning two rewards from a single attempt, such as 75 dice or even a Blue Sticker Pack with a guaranteed four-star sticker.

Optimizing Your Wheel Boost in Monopoly GO

To make the most of your Wheel Boost in Monopoly GO, consider saving your cash and leaving your current board with 29 out of 30 upgrades when the event is active. This strategy ensures you have the maximum number of Hotel pieces on the board, enhancing your chances of completing color sets and triggering the Color Wheel. Additionally, if you’re solely focusing on Wheel Boost and not participating in any main event or tournament, maintain your dice multiplier at one, as dice multipliers do not affect the rewards from the Color Wheel.


Q1: When is the next Wheel Boost event in Monopoly GO?

A1: The exact dates for the next Wheel Boost event in Monopoly GO are typically announced within the game or through official Monopoly GO social media channels. Check the event section regularly for the latest updates.  

Q2: What is the Wheel Boost event in Monopoly GO?

A2: The Wheel Boost event in Monopoly GO is a special event where players can spin the wheel more frequently or with enhanced rewards. This event is designed to provide players with more opportunities to earn bonuses and in-game currency.  

Q3: How can I prepare for the next Wheel Boost event in Monopoly GO?

A3: To prepare for the next Wheel Boost event, make sure you have plenty of in-game currency and other resources. Participate in daily missions and events leading up to the Wheel Boost to maximize your available spins and rewards.  

Q4: What types of rewards can I expect from the Wheel Boost event in Monopoly GO?

A4: During the Wheel Boost event, players can expect to earn increased amounts of in-game currency, special items, property upgrades, exclusive tokens, and other bonuses that enhance gameplay.  

Q5: Are there any strategies for maximizing rewards during the Wheel Boost event in Monopoly GO?

A5: Yes, to maximize rewards during the Wheel Boost event, focus on using all your available spins, participating in event-specific tasks, and leveraging any boosts or multipliers. Keep an eye out for special offers and bonuses that may be available during the event.  

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