How to Get Free Peg-E Tokens in Monopoly GO: Prize Drop

The Monopoly GO: Prize­ Drop mini-game has reintroduced Pe­g-E chips (also known as tokens), making it month’s second Prize Drop mini-e­vent. Unlike other e­vents, this one doesn’t have­ a specific theme and ke­eps the same structure­ all the time. In the Monopoly GO unive­rse, players nee­d these Peg-E chips to participate­ in a version of the Plinko game. This game­ offers a wide range of re­wards, including 6,925 Dice Rolls, Sticker Packs, lots of Cash, or something known as the­ Wild Card.

With the Wild Card being able to unlock any card from their Sticker Album, it particularly holds great value for players. But getting hold of them might prove difficult. We have listed down four effective strategies below on how you can quickly get free Peg-E chips in Monopoly GO: Prize Drop.

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How to Get Free Peg-E Tokens in Monopoly GO: Prize Drop

This Peg-E Prize Drop mini-game is different from the Partner events because there are no Peg-E tokens on the board for you to collect. Thus, you will have to look for other ways through which you can obtain them. The following are four simple methods to get those tokens without spending any money:

Participate in the Ongoing Events

Joining solo and leaderboard events currently happening is a good starting point in earning free Peg-E tokens. Peg – E tokens are typical rewards for reaching different milestones during such activities. Ensure that you actively engage yourself towards achieving these goals while keeping an eye on bonus events or challenges which may present additional opportunities of winning more Peg-E tokens as prizes.

Do Your Quick Wins

Monopoly GO’s Quick Wins section offers simple tasks that earn free Peg-E chips when completed quickly. These are typically very easy such as watching videos or taking short surveys. By doing these tasks regularly through checking back into this part of the app often enough over time people can get some serious amounts of Peg-E tokens with little effort involved.

Open Up Your Free Gifts

Every 8 hours players are able claim a gift from within their Monopoly GO board game which usually contains net worth upgrades among other things like dice rolls/sticker packs but also will sometimes have peg e tokens inside too so don’t forget to pick these up whenever they’re available as well.

Peg-E Token Bumper

Throughout the Peg-E mini game there are bumpers that can be hit by the player which will give them different bonuses including more peg es; if someone aims strategically at bumpers with pegs as one of their rewards then this could earn them a lot of points in total. To maximize earnings it is advisable for individuals to increase their multipliers up to x30 thereby ensuring each time they hit one of these particular bumpers multiple pegs fall out at once.

These strategies can be used to quickly gather free peg e tokens at monopoly go prize drop event and help you progress through it to get better prizes.

In the past Scopely would release links for getting more Peg-E tokens but currently there aren’t any link that gives them for free. Use these methods to stock up on your Peg-E chips and you’ll reach the grand prize in no time. If there’s a link available we’ll update this article or check out our Free Dice Rolls article.

This ends our manual on how to acquire costless peg-e chips in monopoly go prize drop. If you act on these plans, you will gain many more peg-e tokens that will aid you in reaching your final goals very fast. In case this handbook has been of any assistance to you, then do not hesitate to take a look at our other pieces which include; the latest free dice rolls for today’s event schedule in monopoly go and so much more.

Monopoly Go Free Peg E Tokens FAQs

What are Peg-E tokens in Monopoly GO?

Peg-E tokens are special tokens used in Monopoly GO to participate in various events and mini-games. They are essential for playing certain games and can also be used to unlock rewards and progress through the game.

How do I earn Peg-E tokens in Monopoly GO?

Peg-E tokens can be earned through gameplay, such as participating in events, completing challenges, and reaching milestones. They can also be obtained as rewards from free gifts, quick wins, and other in-game activities.

What can I use Peg-E tokens for in Monopoly GO?

Peg-E tokens can be used to play mini-games and events in Monopoly GO, such as the Prize Drop mini-game. They can also be used to unlock rewards, including Dice Rolls, Cash, and Sticker Packs.

Are Peg-E tokens transferable between players in Monopoly GO?

No, Peg-E tokens are not transferable between players. Each player must earn their own tokens through gameplay and cannot give or receive tokens from other players.

Can I purchase Peg-E tokens in Monopoly GO?

No, Peg-E tokens cannot be purchased in Monopoly GO. They can only be earned through gameplay and other in-game activities.

What happens if I run out of Peg-E tokens in Monopoly GO?

If you run out of Peg-E tokens, you may need to wait for them to regenerate over time or earn more through gameplay. Alternatively, you can participate in events or complete challenges to earn additional tokens.

Are there any strategies for earning Peg-E tokens quickly in Monopoly GO?

Yes, there are several strategies for earning Peg-E tokens quickly in Monopoly GO. These include participating in events and challenges, completing quick wins, opening free gifts, and aiming for Peg-E token bumpers in mini-games.

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