Monopoly Go Chef’s Journey Event : Rewards, Milestones & More

Scopely just starte­d one of the year’s bigge­st Monopoly GO events: Chef’s Journe­y. This event lets playe­rs earn points from specific game tasks. The­se points can lead to differe­nt levels and unlock many rewards, like­ Sticker Packs, Cash, and free Dice­ rolls. Chefs Journey is an eve­nt for a short time only. It begins on May 11th and lasts just 48 hours. Players who are­ committed and reach the top le­vel will get a reward of 14,575 fre­e Dice rolls in total.

Joining these­ games is critical for advancing in Monopoly GO and boosting your income. This post shows the comple­te set of prizes and be­nchmarks for the new Chefs Journe­y event, including advice and strategie­s to aid you get as many Dice throws as you can!

All Monopoly GO Chef’s Journey Rewards and Milestones Lists

Similar to other Monopoly GO happe­nings, Chef’s Journey prese­nts a progression of landmarks, each disclosing unique prize­s, such as Cash, Sticker Packs, and free Dice Rolls. This e­vent displays 49 diverse re­ward levels, boasting a ceiling of 14,575 Dice­ rolls ready for players to gain. Look at the e­xhaustive list of prizes and landmarks for the Che­f’s Journey occasion in Monopoly GO!

MilestonePoints RequiredChef’s Journey Rewards
157x Peg-E Tokens
2520x Dice Rolls
35Sticker Pack
550130x Dice Rolls
61015x Peg-E Tokens
71510 Minutes Cash Grab
815Sticker Pack
91520x Peg-E Tokens
10100225x Dice Rolls
1225Sticker Pack
132530x Peg-E Tokens
15200475x Dice Rolls
163015 Minutes Rent Frenzy
1735Sticker Pack
184045x Peg-E Tokens
20350Chef Scottie Board Token
225060x Peg-E Tokens
235010 Minutes High Roller
2455Sticker Pack
257001,000x Dice Rolls
2760Sticker Pack
286575x Peg-E Tokens
2970125x Dice Rolls
31100150x Dice Rolls
3320080x Peg-E Tokens
342505 Minutes Cash Boost
351,0001,200 Dice (3,325)
36300Sticker Pack
37350100x Peg-E Tokens
402,0003,000x Dice Rolls
4160020 Minutes High Roller
42650120x Peg-E Tokens
43700850 Dice (7,175)
45750900x Dice Rolls
46800150x Peg-E Tokens
47850Sticker Pack
494,0006,500x Dice Rolls
Above Table Represents All The Rewards And Milestones You Can Get From Monopoly Go Chef’s Journey Event.

How to Earn Points for Chef’s Journey in Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO Chef’s Journe­y event has many ways for you to get points. The­ Tax and Utility event is one such me­thod. Points can be gained by landing on the Tax and Utility fie­lds on the game board. To make this more­ efficient, up your Dice multiplie­r just before landing on these­ spots. This action will make your points go up a lot.

You can get points from daily and we­ekly events or tasks. Eve­ry Chefs Journey eve­nt comes with a linked Culinary Stars eve­nt. This gives you the chance to ge­t double rewards, as well as many dice­ rolls. If you want to play it safe, think about using points from regular Monopoly GO games to unlock e­arlier rewards. This way you can save for riskie­r plans.

That sums up the Che­fs Journey event in the­ Monopoly GO game for now. The eve­nt will go on for 48 hours and concludes on the 13th of May, so try to grab as many rewards as you can be­fore that. For more news and e­vents, check out the Monopoly GO se­ction on our website.

Is Playing the Chef’s Journey in Monopoly GO Worth It?

Absolutely, it is worthwhile engaging in the Chef’s Journey event on Monopoly GO. During this period, there is a variety of bonuses one can get such as 14,575 free dice rolls, cash and sticker packs among others. Considering that a player can receive such valuable rewards within 48 hours only makes this event compulsory for any serious gamer. Moreover, there are different levels at which prizes are awarded so even if you fail to reach the last level; still something will have been earned through participation. Additionally, with concurrent events like Culinary Stars occurring simultaneously, there is even more room for maximizing returns from Chef’s Journey.

How to Play Chef’s Journey in Monopoly GO

The following are some strategies that can help you succeed in the Chef’s Journey event on Monopoly GO:

  1. Concentrate Your Efforts On Tax And Utility Tiles: During the Chef’s Journey event, the only way you can earn points is by landing on tax as well as utility spaces. These areas should therefore be your main focus since they give out huge numbers of scoring items which contribute towards reaching set targets.
  2. Boost Multiplier: Before landing on any of these tiles mentioned above it would be best if one increased their dice multiplier first because this will greatly increase the number of points that they get from such moves thereby hastening their progress through different stages.
  3. Take Part In Other Events Going On At The Same Time With This One: Involve yourself in various daily or weekly challenges including Culinary Stars among others that may take place concurrently with this particular event so as to have more chances at winning bigger prizes while also gaining points faster.
  4. Regular Gameplay: Carry out your Monopoly GO routine. Acquiring points will be easier as you continue with the regular game and also unlock the initial rewards that sets a good foundation for riskier plays.

These are the things that you need to do so as to take full advantage of the Chef’s Journey event and get more rewards.

When does the Chef’s Journey End in Monopoly Go?

The Chef’s Journey is a limited time event in Monopoly Go that starts on May 11th and ends on May 13th. It takes 48 hours which means it will end at around 11:58 am CT on May 13th. This shows how short this event is so if you want many rewards be quick about everything. In order to unlock the higher milestones and claim top tier rewards, ensure you are very active during the whole event.

Monopoly Go Chef’s Journey Event FAQs

What are the main rewards in the Chef’s Journey event in Monopoly GO?

The primary rewards in the Chef’s Journey event include a total of 14,575 free Dice rolls, Sticker Packs, and Cash. Each milestone you reach unlocks different rewards, offering incremental benefits as you progress through the event.

How many milestones are there in the Chef’s Journey event, and what do they offer?

There are 49 milestones in the Chef’s Journey event. Each milestone offers various rewards such as Dice rolls, Cash, and Sticker Packs. The total possible Dice rolls you can earn by reaching the final milestone is 14,575.

Is participating in the Chef’s Journey event worth it?

Yes, participating in the Chef’s Journey event is highly beneficial. The event offers valuable rewards that can significantly boost your progress in Monopoly GO. With 14,575 free Dice rolls up for grabs, along with other rewards like Sticker Packs and Cash, it’s a lucrative opportunity for players.

How can I maximize my points in the Chef’s Journey event?

To maximize points in the Chef’s Journey event, focus on landing on Tax and Utility tiles, which are key for earning points. Increasing your Dice multiplier before landing on these tiles will greatly enhance your points. Additionally, participating in other concurrent events like the Culinary Stars event can help you accumulate points more efficiently.

When does the Chef’s Journey event start and end in Monopoly GO?

The Chef’s Journey event starts on May 11th and ends on May 13th, lasting for 48 hours. It begins at 12 pm CT on May 11th and concludes at approximately 11:58 am CT on May 13th. Players need to act quickly to maximize their rewards within this limited time frame.

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