Monopoly Go Snowman Contest : Rewards, Milestones & More

Monopoly GO is now getting ready for the festive season with the Snowman Contest, which is set to make the much-loved Peg-E tokens available again and offer players an interesting tournament with 30 different milestones. The instead we use “arriving” because this is a similar metaphor.

In this game, the anticipation of winter events reaches its peak as players will once more get a chance to collect Peg-E tokens. The Snowman Contest lasts for three days from January 16th until 18th and provides an opportunity to receive a maximum of 3960 Dice through accomplishing 30 objectives at various levels which are concurrently available. This includes the cold snap solo event where one can earn even more peg es by simply participating in activities that involve them such as redeeming free dices among others.

All Monopoly Go Snowman Contest Rewards And Milestones List

During the Snowman Contest, gamers can claim up to 282 Peg-E tokens, 5 different sticker packs and not forgetting 3960 dice rolls aside from various other gifts which may be obtained along the way. At milestone 5 High Roller opens while Mega Heist becomes unlockable at stage 13 making it all so exciting!

MilestonesTokens/PointsSnowman Contest Rewards
One7540 Dice
Two50Sticker Pack (one-star x2)
Three100Seven Peg-E tokens
Five225High Roller for five minutes
Six300130 Dice
Eight45015 Peg-E tokens
Nine550240 Dice
10625Sticker Pack (two-stars x3)
1165030 Peg-E tokens
12700Sticker Pack (three-stars x3)
13800Mega Heist for 20 minutes
14750300 Dice
15850Sticker Pack (four-stars x4)
1690050 Peg-E tokens
191,300500 Dice
201,500Rent Frenzy for 25 minutes
211,800Sticker Pack (four-stars x4)
222,00080 Peg-E tokens
242,600950 Dice
263,500100 Peg-E tokens
284,500Cash Boost for 20 minutes
305,5001,800 Dice
Monopoly Go All Snowman Contest And Rewards Are Listed Above.

Is Monopoly GO Snowman Contest Worth It?

In Snowman Contest, you’ll ne­ed more tokens or points for e­ach level than in regular game­s. But don’t let this deter you from playing. The­re’s so much more in store afte­r finishing each level. For instance­, to get 300 dice from milestone­ fourteen, you nee­d to have 750 tokens or points ready. The­ points demanded increase­ with each successive le­vel in this tournament. Howeve­r, the rewards also rise proportionate­ly. The appeal of such eve­nts lies not just in the concurrent cold-snap e­vent, which primarily involves railroad tiles strate­gy, but also in the potential to win free peg e­ tokens from the Snowman Contest. This win become­s more achievable if you activate­ your dice multipliers during the game­.

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How to Play the Snowman Contest in Monopoly GO

Most Monopoly GO tournaments have a Snowman Contest and to win you need to land on the Railroad tiles. When you do this, it will start two mini-games which are called Bank Heist and Shutdown; these will give you free points/tokens. You can get more tokens if you perform a Bank Heist during Mega Heist.

When Does the Snowman Contest End in Monopoly GO?

The Snowman Contest is a 48 hour event filled with strategy and fun that runs from 12 pm CT on January 16th until around 11:58 am CT on January 18th. There will be 30 milestones but no extra rewards have been announced so far.

How to Earn Points for the Snowman Contest in Monopoly GO

There are various ways through which one can collect points during the new Snowman Contest event of Monopoly GO IN addition to the normal game plays. Don’t just stop at these basic activities though; use them to your advantage with our advice tips:

  1. Put your focus on landing on Railroad tiles to get more points by triggering Shutdown mini-games Bank Heist or Shutdown.
  2. Before you land on the tile have an increased Dice multiplier 
  3. Be part of other events and tournaments that are happening alongside the Snowman Contest

This is all the information available about milestones and prizes for the new Snowman Contest event in Monopoly GO! Use these hints and you will be able to get more points which can earn you many free dice rolls. Check our site out regularly so as not miss any updates or new events concerning Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go Snowman Contest FAQs

What are the main rewards in the Monopoly GO Snowman Contest?

The primary rewards in the Monopoly GO Snowman Contest include a total of 3,960 Dice, 282 Peg-E tokens, and five assorted Sticker packs. Additionally, players can unlock the High Roller special event at the fifth milestone and the exciting Mega Heist at the thirteenth milestone.

How many milestones are there in the Snowman Contest, and what do they offer?

There are 30 milestones in the Snowman Contest. Each milestone offers various rewards such as Dice, Peg-E tokens, and Sticker packs. Reaching certain milestones also unlocks special events like the High Roller event at the fifth milestone and the Mega Heist at the thirteenth milestone.

Is it worth participating in the Snowman Contest despite the high token/point thresholds?

Yes, participating in the Snowman Contest is worth it despite the high token/point thresholds. The contest offers valuable rewards, including Peg-E tokens and a significant number of Dice. Additionally, the concurrent Cold Snap solo event provides more opportunities to gather Peg-E tokens, making it easier to accumulate points for both events simultaneously.

What strategies can I use to maximize my points in the Snowman Contest?

To maximize points in the Snowman Contest, focus on landing on Railroad tiles, which trigger the Shutdown and Bank Heist mini-games. These mini-games provide substantial points/tokens, especially during a Mega Heist. Increasing your Dice multiplier before landing on the tiles and participating in other parallel events can also boost your points significantly.

When does the Snowman Contest start and end in Monopoly GO?

The Snowman Contest starts on January 16 at 12 pm CT and ends on January 18 at approximately 11:58 am CT. This 48-hour event is packed with opportunities to earn rewards through its 30 milestones.

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