Monopoly Go Road To Riches Event : Rewards, Milestones & More

The Road to Riches event was launched right after Monopoly Origins, the first major event in 2024 with many amazing gifts. Scopely continues to build on this with the three-day Road to Riches milestone event.

Starting on January 8th, immediately after Monopoly Origins ends, the event will run until 10 a.m. ET on January 11th. There are a total of 49 milestones during this event and you can get 15,765 dice rolls. Points can be earned towards these rewards and milestones by landing on certain tiles.

To earn points during the Road to Riches event, you will need to land on Tax or Utility Tiles. The base point of each is given below:

  1. Tax: 3 Hotel tokens
  2. Utility: 2 Hotel tokens

Maximize your points by using dice multipliers strategically. These tiles’ points increase if multiplied by dice, hence giving the player an opportunity to amass many. For instance, if one rolls 100 and lands on’ Tax’, he/she gets 300 event tokens.

Be attentive to the number of rolls you make. Check how close you are to a new spot where points can be earned so as not waste any.

This is an overview of all 49 tasks along with the rewards for completing them in the game Monopoly GO Road To Riches Event.

MilestonePointsRoad to Riches Reward
1570 Gardening Partner Tokens
2520 Dice Rolls
35Sticker Pack
41080 Gardening Partner Tokens
545120 Dice Rolls
65120 Gardening Partner Tokens
71010-Minute Cash Grab
8151x Sticker Pack
910150 Gardening Partner Tokens
10120250 Dice Rolls
1220Sticker Pack
1320180 Gardening Partner Tokens
15200375 Dice Rolls
16405-Minute Cash Boost
17301x Sticker Pack
1940210 Gardening Partner Tokens
20400700 Dice Rolls
214510-Minute High Roller
2250230 Gardening Partner Tokens
2455Sticker Pack
257501,200 Dice Rolls
27601x Sticker Pack
2865250 Gardening Partner Tokens
2970100 Dice Rolls
31150270 Gardening Partner Tokens
33200Sticker Pack
34225300 Gardening Partner Tokens
351,3001,800 Dice Rolls
3630020-Minute Rent Frenzy
38400350 Gardening Partner Tokens
395001x Sticker Pack
402,2003,000 Dice Rolls
4155020-Minute High Roller
42600500 Gardening Partner Tokens
44700800 Dice Rolls
46750900 Dice Rolls
478001x Sticker Pack
48850650 Gardening Partner Tokens
494,0006,500 Dice Rolls, 1x Sticker Pack
All Monopoly Go Road To Riches Event Rewards And Milestones Are Listed Above.

How can I earn points in Monopoly GO Road To Riches Event?

There is more than one way to earn points from landing on Tax & Utility tiles during the new “Road to Riches” event in Monopoly GO! Increasing your dice multiplier before landing on these spots will help boost up achievements.

To earn points, you can also participate in the daily tournaments and gardening partner event. If you combine both events, it will greatly increase your earned points and give you many opportunities to roll the dice for free.

You should check out Road to Riches if you want to have fun and get more rewards! Don’t miss to check out Today’s Event Schedule.

Monopoly Go Road To Riches Event FAQs

What are the key rewards in the Monopoly GO Road to Riches event?

The key rewards in the Road to Riches event include in-game currency, exclusive items, and a large number of free dice rolls. As you progress through the milestones, you can earn up to 15,765 dice rolls and various other valuable rewards.

How many milestones are there in the Road to Riches event?

The Road to Riches event features a total of 49 milestones. Each milestone offers specific rewards that players can earn by accumulating points.

How do I earn points in the Road to Riches event?

Points can be earned by landing on the Tax and Utility tiles on the game board. The base point values are three Hotel tokens for Tax tiles and two Hotel tokens for Utility tiles. Additionally, using dice multipliers can significantly increase the points earned from these tiles.

What strategies can I use to maximize points in the Road to Riches event?

To maximize points, strategically use dice multipliers before landing on Tax and Utility tiles. Participate in daily tournaments and the Gardening Partner event to synergize your point-earning efforts. Keeping track of your progress and efficiently using your dice rolls will also help you avoid wasting rolls.

When does the Road to Riches event end?

The Road to Riches event runs for three days, starting on January 8th and ending on January 11th at 10 am ET. Make sure to complete as many milestones as possible before the event concludes to maximize your rewards.

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